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Saturday Mornings and Afternoon Workshops available

Saturday morning workshops.

Terms run for 8 weeks

For all kids with an interest in art from age 6-12years.

Time: 10am - 11am OR 11.30-12.30

Saturday morning art workshops are open to any skill level, this art class is led in a fun and engaging way where kids can explore their creativity. Learning different techniques and work with various materials.

This class helps children to develop their skill and imaginative ideas through the investigation of various techniques and styles. They learn about colour and basic fundamentals needed for any kind of art such as composition, perspective, volume, line & shape and pattern.

Each term introduces a new theme or genre, which vary according to season or individual students’ interests. Kids improve their abilities of planning, decision-making and thinking through guided instruction that also teaches them patience to follow through the process of creating an art work. 


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