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Helen's Art Gift Box, Step-by-step art book and art materials

Hello! I’ve had many new followers recently so thought it was about time I said hi… my name is Helen, I love to create, always have and always will. If I’m not doing something creative I’m thinking about doing something creative.

We are all given gifts in our lives and I feel by doing what I do, sharing my knowledge and passion for art is definitely putting my gifts to good use.

In my search for purpose or happiness, doing what I do gives me both. By helping and sharing my knowledge with the children I teach fills my week with five star moments.

In November I launch a much thought about project, brewing for the past four years (procrastination is my downfall!!) but now I can say I did it, don’t know how it will go but I’ve a feeling it’s the start of something great. My new s

tep by step art book and art materials pack is now available to buy from my studio in Marlay Park, online or from me directly.


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