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Helen's ART Challenge 2021

Hope you are all keeping well, I miss all my mini artists and I think its going to be a while before we are back in the studio.

I’ve been wrecking my brain to think of something creative to do with the kids for the next few weeks.

So, I’m delighted to launch ‘Helen’s Art Challenge’, its all FREE of charge, any art mediums the kids have at home can be used (no need to buy anything) and I’ll be offering an fabulous ‘Art Hamper’ prize which will be raffled at the end of the 5 weeks.

Every week I’ll give one art challenge to be completed, to enter you just post a picture up onto my facebook or tag me in Instagram, then once a week we’ll have a zoom catch up (totally optional) an opportunity for the kids to show their art and I can show what I’ve done and go through some simple art tips.

Feel free to share with any other kids that would be interested. If you don’t have facebook or Instagram just email me the picture and I’ll post for you. Every week I’ll announce a new challenge on our zoom chat but I’ll also post the new challenge on facebook/instagram too.

Our zoom chat will be on a Thursday at 3pm, I’ll share the link on my website closer to the time.

Cant wait to see all the kids work.

Miss you all,

Helen x

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