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Summer Camps & Workshops for Kids Art in Marlay Park 2023

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Helen's Art Space is delighted to be planning some fun art workshops and summer camps in Marlay Park, this year I'm hoping to get the kids painting outdoors as well as working in my studio in the craft courtyard & the Orangery in the Walled Gardens.

All my workshops, camps and classes are led in a fun and engaging way where kids can explore their creativity. Learning different techniques and working with various art materials.

Kids naturally love art, and creating art can bring a lot of benefits like improving their motor skills, developing creative thinking, observing and describing, not to forget that art classes build self-confidence.

I have built up a close weekly following and pride my classes on the personal experience the kids receive. I'm really looking forward to a fun arty summer.

Helen x

Studio 23, Marlay Craft Courtyard

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